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70s Bridal Gowns for a Timeless Celebration

70s Bridal Gowns for a Timeless Celebration

Step into the vibes of one of the most remarkable decades ever – the '70s are back in full swing, especially regarding wedding fashion! If you're vibing with the fearless, romantic, and rebellious styles rocked by legends like Cher, Bowie, Stevie, and Diana, we've got the lowdown on our top vintage-inspired looks and 1970s wedding dress trends for this modern era. Strut on, trendsetters!

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The 1970s Fashion Style

Diving into the fashion scene of the 1970s is stepping into a wild ride of vibes and styles. Picture this: the groovy remnants of the 60s were still hanging around, with bell sleeves and patchwork knits stealing the spotlight. But hold up, it wasn't just a rerun – the 70s had its own game.

Imagine this fusion of old-school trends and futuristic vibes. You've got Patti Smith rocking this cool androgynous look, breaking all the rules. And as we rolled into the latter part of the decade, bam! Punk, glam, and disco hit the scene like never before. Debbie Harry, David Bowie, and Donna Summer brought in these fresh aesthetics that were just next level. The 70s was a playground for fashion, mixing the old and new in the most epic way possible. 

Wedding Dresses During The 70s

Get ready to time-travel through the rad world of 70s wedding fashion! From those classy Gunne Sax vibes that are like a Victorian dream but for the disco era to the bold pantsuits that gave us major Bianca Jagger vibes – the 70s were all about diverse wedding styles. Whether it's a chic beaded number or a lace extravaganza with a hint of sexy boho, the 70s wedding scene was a wild mix of fabulousness. There's no one-size-fits-all look here, but the iconic details of the era are undeniably groovy. Expect to see some recurring trends like:

  • Mock necklines
  • Plunging necklines and low backs
  • Armbands and off-the-shoulder sleeves
  • Flowing and delicate layers ( bell or bishop sleeves paired with ruffled necklines).
  • Grecian and Renaissance nostalgia
  • Unique embellishments like feathers, crochet, or fringe
  • Floral embroidery
  • Disco-inspired sequins
  • Bohemian lace motifs
  • Long, slinky silhouettes

Get ready to vibe with the ultimate 70s wedding look, where chill meets chic and nostalgia meets runway! Whether you're into laidback glam or luxurious details, the authentic 70s aesthetic strikes the perfect balance. Think of casual vibes with a touch of glam, a hint of nostalgia blended seamlessly with a fashion-forward edge, and a playful yet sophisticated atmosphere—an unbeatable combo for an epic celebration!

Are you prepared to dive into the coolest collection of vintage bridal gowns? Scroll down to check out 14 extraordinary styles from the 1970s that will ignite inspiration for your disco, boho, glam, or punk wedding aesthetic on the most fantastic day of your life!

Geometric Lace With Fringe

Indulge in the bohemian allure of 70s wedding chic with a geometric lace masterpiece adorned with fringe. This gown encapsulates the era's free-spirited essence, boasting soft lace that effortlessly drapes in an enchanting silhouette. The rustic charm is elevated with intricate details like fringe and eyelet, adding a touch of unconventional elegance to your bridal ensemble. Embrace the nostalgia of the 1970s while exuding modern sophistication in this ethereal creation—a perfect fusion of timeless romance and contemporary allure for the avant-garde bride.

Explore the accessory possibilities for your 1970s wedding dress at an Authorized Retailer, where you can delve into many personalization choices, including armbands, bridal veils, and fabric and embellishment options.

Wedding Dress

Unique Boho Lace 

Step into the ethereal realm of 70s fashion's dreamy "moon child" aesthetic with STYLE HAILEY 85694, a soft lace wedding dress reminiscent of early Stevie Nicks or Goldie Hawn vibes. This budget-friendly bridal gown effortlessly embodies sweetness, simplicity, and flattering grace, making it a canvas for easy accessorizing with a veil or shawl. It effortlessly captures your groovy vintage vibe, striking the ideal equilibrium between nostalgic charm and modern elegance, ensuring you feel anything but vulgar or costume-like on your special day.

Wedding Dress

70s-Inspired Cold-Shoulder Sleeve Gown

Elevate your bridal look with the effortlessly alluring STYLE ALEXA 84398, showcasing organic lace motifs in a sultry silhouette. Embracing two iconic 70s trends, this gown harmonizes a soft lace pattern with a sleek, slinky form adorned with strategically placed cutouts along the back and waist—reminiscent of red-carpet icons like Cher and Diana Ross. Whether you're channeling a foxy movie-star vibe with statement earrings and stilettos or opting for a chic, couture aesthetic with a middle-part low-bun hairstyle and minimalist accessories, this dress sets the stage for a sophisticated and trendsetting wedding ensemble.

Crushing on the blend of traditional and modern vibes in this princess-style gown? Dive into more wedding dresses from our collection! 

Wedding Dress

Bishop-Sleeve Wedding Dress

We can't help but crush on the timeless bishop sleeve wedding gown—a chic silhouette that made waves during the mid-60s hippie "Renaissance" and has effortlessly stayed en vogue ever since! Take, for instance, the stunning STYLE STEPHANIE 84218, a striking and stylish look that exudes ultra-romantic vibes. This iconic gown is a perfect canvas for pairing with vintage accessories like flower crowns, statement earrings, and lace-up gladiator sandals, creating a look that's as effortlessly cool as it is timelessly elegant.

Wedding Dress

Boho 70s Wedding Dress

Indulge in the irresistible nostalgia of Amarra's sweet and sexy silhouette, featuring a hand-sewn lace pattern that exudes both chic and whimsy. The lovely lace design of STYLE ALLISON 84224 pays homage to the popular 70s floral motifs with a romantic touch that seamlessly aligns with the current trends of the 2020s. 

Elevate this charming lace creation with a chic floral crown for festival vibes, or opt for a soft and simple look with gold hoop earrings, loose curls, and beachy leather sandals – absolute perfection! Enamored by our wedding line? Discover more affordable wedding dresses on our website!

Wedding Dress

Vintage Lace 70s Wedding Dress

Elevate your wedding style with a vintage flair and couture vibes, drawing inspiration from STYLE GRACE 84220. This gown seamlessly combines the timeless bishop sleeve—a favorite among iconic French actresses of the 60s and 70s like Brigette Bardot and Jane Birkin—with a captivating lace pattern, exuding a quintessentially bridal charm. A chic and romantic nod to the past, this dress promises an impeccable and ultra-stylish aesthetic for your special day. 

Wedding Dress

Modest Flutter Sleeve Bridal Gown

If you're hunting for that 70s allure with a touch of modest sophistication, check out STYLE ANNA 84386—a flawless fusion of romantic and demure vibes. This chic design is adorned with intricate beading and embroidery, channeling a hint of Gatsby glamour blended seamlessly with bohemian flair, resulting in a look that's nothing short of divine.

1970s Chiffon Wedding Dress 

Get ready to slay the Grecian goddess vibe that was all the rage in the 1970s, from Oscar de la Renta's dreamy maxi dresses to Stevie Nicks' boho-chic ensembles. To infuse your wedding with this ethereal glam, opt for soft and timeless gown elements like luxurious layers, organic ruching, asymmetrically wrapped bodices, and those effortlessly breezy chiffon sleeves—just a glimpse into the array of divine details waiting to elevate your bridal style.

Wedding Dress

Disco-Inspired Wedding Gown

No compilation of 1970s wedding gowns is truly comprehensive without a dazzling disco touch! Enter STYLE SAGE 88207, a flawless fusion of 1920s luxury and 70s-inspired allure—a bridal gown destined to steal the spotlight and ensure a visual masterpiece for your wedding snapshots.

Wedding Dress

Modest Vintage Bridal Gown

Unveiling another effortlessly elegant choice with timeless aesthetics and ultra-feminine touches, meet STYLE BETSY 88212—a testament to the belief that sometimes simplicity steals the show, even in the most extravagantly diverse eras. This relaxed fit-and-flare silhouette takes center stage with its opulent yet comfortable A-line fabrication, meticulously crafted to enhance your curves and embrace your natural silhouette. It epitomizes understated sophistication, a chic marvel that doesn't compromise comfort—a 1970s wedding gown destined to captivate for decades.

70s Wedding Dress with Bell Sleeves

Witness the revival of two iconic 1970s knits, crochet, and eyelet details, as they reclaim the spotlight in boho bridal fashion and vintage-inspired accessories. These time-honored textures, once synonymous with the era's free-spirited charm, are now making a bold resurgence, adding a touch of nostalgia and a dash of modernity to contemporary wedding styles. Embrace the intricate artistry of crochet and the delicate allure of eyelet as they seamlessly weave their way back into the fabric of bridal elegance, proving that some trends are timeless and eternally chic. 

Vintage Lace Modest Bridal Dress

If you're vibing with those groovy 70s knit vibes but want more coverage, consider a chic sheath wedding dress. It's all about head-to-toe lace and stretch jersey, effortlessly blending a soft, tailored style that channels the mod and bodycon silhouettes from the late 60s and early 70s. 

Beaded 70s Style Wedding Dress

Think extravagant beadwork, chic lace patterns, and a sleek red carpet silhouette. Picture this shimmering vintage wedding dress as the ideal choice for the '70s muses a la Cher or Anjelica Huston—icons of pop culture who embodied the era's bold, playful, and utterly glamorous spirit. 

Wedding Dress

Unique Vintage Bridal Dress

Embrace the charm of 1970s-inspired wedding dresses that seamlessly blend chic and simple hippie aesthetics, making them ideal for beach soirees, backyard celebrations, and easygoing garden venues. Opt for playful bridal dresses with effortlessly unique touches to capture this vibe, just like our STYLE CHLOE 85721. This laid-back A-line wedding gown boasts a stunning tulle skirt paired with a romantic lace bodice, while tie shoulder straps and lace-up "corset" details infuse the perfect hint of allure into this sweet and sunlit design. 

Styling and Accessorizing a 70s Wedding Dress

Accessories for a 1970s wedding dress bring the same diverse and fabulous energy as the decade itself! Check out these standout examples inspired by various 70s aesthetics and iconic celebrities:

  • Embrace Ziggy Stardust vibes with bold statement earrings and velvet heels.
  • Infuse some Studio 54 glam with flowing, feathered hair and glitzy jewelry.
  • Choose sweet and feminine by pairing lace gauntlet gloves with a beaded headpiece.
  • Unleash your inner Cher with a mock or plunging neckline complemented by a sequin wrap.
  • Channel Jerry Hall's supermodel glamour with sky-high stilettos and jewel earrings.
  • Add a touch of flower-child glam (a nod to the 60s) with a floral crown and delicate back jewelry.
  • Opt for playful pops of color and texture with an embroidered bridal veil.
  • Explore a mod-inspired twist on 70s glamour with chic Cleopatra eye makeup experimentation. 

Ready to hit the dance floor in these iconic 1970s-inspired wedding dresses? Find these chic and groovy styles at an Authorized Retailer near you! If you're vibing with the lace and embroidery vibes, check out our post on lace wedding dresses that draw inspiration from various throwback eras and vintage aesthetics – from Victorian-era glam to 1950s ball gowns to those sleek 70s wedding dress silhouettes you see above. Get ready for some happy shopping!

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