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Stylish Hair Looks for the Bride-to-Be

Stylish Hair Looks for the Bride-to-Be

Hey there, bride-to-be! Planning a wedding is no small feat—it's practically a circus, with invites, catering, and table arrangements all vying for attention. Your wedding day hairstyle shouldn't be left on the back burner in this whirlwind. Don't worry, Amarra is here to help reduce your stress! We've put together a variety of wedding hairstyles to match your preferred look. Whether you want a glamorous or boho style, we've got you covered to ensure you look fantastic on your special day!

Discover a nearby store, book a personalized appointment, and start the enchanting journey to find your dream wedding dress. Your moment should be memorable, and we're here to ensure you shine with style!

Aligning Your Wedding Hairstyle with the Outline of Your Gown

Picking the right bridal hairstyle that vibes with your dress style is a total game-changer. You need a wedding 'do that plays nice with your dress, not one that's trying to steal the spotlight or mess with your gown's fabulous details. Whether you're rocking a stunning mermaid gown flaunting those curves or a classy long-sleeve number for that extra elegance, rest assured, the ideal wedding hairstyle is waiting to sweep you off your feet! 

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Hairstyles for A-Line Wedding Dresses

Check it out, bride-to-be! Our A-line stunners are like a cozy cloud of bridal bliss. Picture this: a dress that hugs those hips, then gracefully flares out, giving you that perfect "A" shape – it's like a dance of elegance!

Now, here's the fun part – our MADISON 84389 and AMANDA 84392 are rocking the A-line vibes, and guess what? They play well with any neckline you fancy! Whether you're all about that classic chic or feeling a bit of lace drama, we've got the magic gown for you.

And hold on, because just like your A-line dress can go from chic to bold, your wedding hair can join the party, too! Thinking of an updo? Imagine a fab, voluminous ponytail flaunting those stunning locks. Let's turn your wedding day into a dance of versatility and style!

Hold up, we can practically read your mind! We get it, ponytails usually get a bad rap for being the "safe" choice, but let us drop some truth bombs on you. Consider this: rocking a ponytail on your wedding day is not only acceptable, but it's actually a genius move. Here's why:

  • Effortlessly Chic: Yep, you heard it right. Minimal effort is the secret sauce to the perfect wedding ponytail. You get that timeless and flawless look without breaking a sweat, and no one will guess how quick and easy it was to pull off.
  • Frame that Face: Imagine loose strands dancing around your voluminous ponytail, adding a touch of romance to your overall vibe. Plus, it's like a spotlight on those gorgeous eyes of yours. Who wouldn't want that?
  • Natural Beauty Spotlight: A big, loose ponytail lets your stunning face steal the show, all while letting your dress have its moment in the spotlight. It's like putting the spotlight on you, minus the drama. Pony up, bride-to-be!
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Hairstyles for Ball Gowns

Ah, the timeless ballgown – the go-to silhouette that turns you into a total wedding-day princess! Often mistaken for the A-line look, the ballgown rocks a snug bodice that feels like a corset hug, then flares out dramatically at the waist, creating that dreamy, voluminous skirt effect. Psst, don't miss checking out HANNAH 84373 and KATE 84395!

This gown is a winner for all body types, showing off that waist and letting you dance like nobody's watching. Here's the fun part: pair that wide-skirt wonder with a fabulous, twirl-worthy updo! It adds a touch of elegance and balances out any gown that feels a bit bottom-heavy. Bridal updos might take some time, but trust us, they're a must for dancefloor queens and brides who want to look flawless from every angle.

Ready to channel your inner princess? Dive into our blog for more enchanting inspo! 

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Fit & Flare Bridal Hairstyles

Check out our fab fit-and-flare gowns—snug up top, then whoosh, a playful flare from mid-thigh to the knee! These dresses are the bomb, making every body type look killer by cinching that waist and flaunting those hips.

Imagine rocking a stunner like HAYDEN 87515 and ELIZABETH 84377, adding serious length to your vibe. Pair it with a hairstyle that's equally as epic, and bam—you're feeling like a supermodel slash gorgeous bride! Time to ditch the hot rollers, embrace those natural locks, and let your hair down (literally) on your big day. Trust us, it's a hot new trend we're totally digging!

Worried about turning into a human sauna? No sweat! Keep a chic hair clip or tie handy, and if things get steamy, just pin it up and keep slaying. Easy, breezy, beautiful bride vibes all the way! 

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Hairstyles for Mermaid-Inspired Weddings

Known for being the most enchantingly dramatic and glamorous wedding gown styles, our mermaid dresses like FIONA 84407 and BELLA 84375 hug your curves from bodice to hips, making you feel like a total mermaid queen. They playfully flare out around the knees, giving you that magical mermaid tail vibe. I mean, who wouldn't want to channel their inner mermaid on their big day?

Now, since a mermaid gown is all about that sexy silhouette, your wedding hair should complement the vibe. Picture this: a half-up, half-down hairstyle working its charm. Throw loose waves and top it off with a veil for that extra elegance. This stunning bridal look is a match made in mermaid heaven, suitable for any hair type or length.

If you're head over fins for mermaid gowns and need more options, dive into our collections at Amarra! 

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Sheath Wedding Hairstyles

Hey, sleek and chic brides! Dive into the world of minimalism with our sheath gowns, and meet the fabulous JULIA 85685. Because, hey, minimalistic doesn't mean snooze-worthy! Picture this: a bodice that hugs you just right and a skirt that gracefully falls to the floor. It's like a match made in heaven with your body type, creating a simple yet stunning look. Trust us, these gowns are a total "wow" for brides who crave that elegant simplicity.

Now, onto your wedding 'do! Swap those tight curls for some breezy, brushed-out curls. Brush through those curls for a soft, bouncy vibe that screams "effortlessly cool model-off-duty." Because who said simple can't be drop-dead gorgeous? 

Matching Your Bridal Hairdo with Your Dress Style

We get that choosing your hairstyle usually depends on your dress silhouette, but what if you still need to snag the perfect one? No worries, future bride! We've got your back with a selection of wedding hairstyles tailored to the gown style you're on the hunt for!

Boho and Retro

If you're a bride who adores the carefree vibe, opt for a boho or vintage wedding hairstyle – it's the perfect choice! Enter the flower crown, the ultimate embodiment of bohemian charm. However you rock it, a flower crown adds that touch of whimsy to your overall look. What's fantastic is that you can pair it with any hairstyle of your liking. Imagine completing loose curls with a fishtail braid and a flower crown – a stunning combo that perfectly complements your desired style.

Another wedding hairdo we absolutely adore, fitting seamlessly into the vintage boho theme, is the braided low updo. This timeless style is a winner for its effortless elegance and staying power throughout the night. With the braid taking center stage, you can customize the complexity to match your preference. Play it chill with a few loose curls, or pull back some strands for a polished updo.

Check out our blog for more boho wedding dresses to discover gowns that perfectly suit your style!

Elegance, Lace, and Bold Expression

Hey, bold brides who love a bit of excitement! If you're not shy about standing out, these looks are perfect for you! We grouped them together because each one is all about being bold and fearless.

Whatever daring vibe you're after, we've got a bridal hairstyle that's your perfect match. For an eternal look that oozes glamour, dive into classic Hollywood waves. Forget the typical center part – go bold with a deep, dramatic side part, and secure it with a chic barrette. Trust us, this look is beyond stunning and will have everyone's jaws on the floor. Want to take it up a notch? Grab a hair product that cranks up the shine, creating a signature style that ties the entire jaw-dropping look together. Let's make heads turn, bride-to-be!

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Sensual, Romantic, and Shapely

We're all about embracing your feminine side, and these styles have got that covered for you. Pairing a romantic hairstyle with a dress like ALLISON 84224, which highlights your figure, is an absolute win!

Infuse a dose of romance by opting for a slightly relaxed low bun nestled at the nape of your neck. This wedding hairdo not only keeps your hair in check but also frames your face with some loose strands, accentuating those cheekbones. If you're concerned that a laid-back, low bun might seem too simple for your special day, no worries – sweep back those loose pieces, grab your hairspray, and dial up the volume! Watch as this transforms into a gorgeous, voluminous low bun, injecting a touch of glamour into your look. Ready to radiate romance on your big day! 

Classic and Simple

Hey there, minimalist bride! If you believe in keeping it simple and sweet, these classic hairstyles are your perfect match.

Ditch the curling iron and grab a blow dryer and roller brush – because who doesn't love a good old-fashioned blowout? Whether you're hitting the salon or doing it yourself, a classic blowoutis easy peasy and leaves you feeling effortlessly elegant. Simple is truly the way to go!

Now, let's talk about the classic chignon – a fancy name for a simple bun. Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck or the back of your head, and you've nailed the classic chignon. It can be sleek and neat or spiced up with braids and bobby pins – whatever suits your style. Simple, chic, and timeless – just like your love story. Let's keep it easy and beautiful, bride-to-be! 

(Here are some quick tips for last-minute wedding planning advice):

Planning a wedding can be challenging, take a lot of time, and cost a bunch. Before you dive into the big day preparations, do some research. Whether it's figuring out the bachelorette party or planning the honeymoon, having clear goals will make things way easier. First things first, set a wedding budget breakdown and have a clear vision before you get too deep into the planning process! 

Consider it over going all-out on a credit card! Beyond the money stuff, you need a plan for all the other parts of your big day. List what you want and need, like travel plans, mood boards, and style inspiration. Also, think about accessories, possible venues, DJs, invitations, etc. Once your vision is sorted, the rest of the planning will fall into place. And we promise that seeing your vision come to life will be fun! 

No matter which wedding hairstyle you choose, we're confident you'll look absolutely gorgeous on your big day. Check out our blogs for additional tips on wedding styles!

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