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Your Ultimate Wedding Budget Breakdown

Your Ultimate Wedding Budget Breakdown

So, you’ve got dreams of a fairytale wedding, where money is no object—until reality taps you on the shoulder and whispers, ‘Budget, darling!’ Fear not, for we’ve conjured up a magical Wedding Budget Breakdown spell to keep you on track and dancing down the aisle without breaking the bank!

Feel free to embrace the helping hands of friends and family, but let's stick to a budget that will have you happily waltzing home after the honeymoon. Keep the joyous scroll going!

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Wedding Budget: $10,000 or Lower

Decisions get real when you're working with a budget tighter than your grandma's hugs. Trim that guest list, skip the fancy frills, and embrace the art of budget ballet. Check out our breakdown for a $10,000 or less shindig:

  1. Let's play dress-up with wedding gowns and alterations, budgeted at $800-$1,000! Check out cool styles like ISABELLA 7010 and JULIA 85685, dancing under the $1,000 spotlight. 
  2. Expect 50-75 guests to join the celebration.
  3. Make your invites for $75, or go fancier for up to $250.
  4. Capture moments with a photographer, costing $1,000-$1,500. Save by using a friend's discount or hiring a part-time photographer.
  5. Rent the groom's outfit for $50-$100.
  6. Venue options: $0 for a backyard (excluding rentals) or $1,000-$2,000 for unique spots like a National Park, including seating.
  7. Music choices range from $0 (use an iPod and family help) to $800 for a DJ.
  8. Food and drinks budget: $1,000-$2,000, covering pastries/desserts; alcohol costs extra.
  9. Wedding cake costs $100-$150 and may be made by a talented friend or family member.
  10. Bouquets range from $50 for a DIY bride bouquet to $100 for the bride's bouquet and two bridesmaid bouquets.
  11. Allocate $500 for decorations, including DIY projects, lights, and wholesale flowers.
  12. Day-of coordinator: $0 if a family member helps, or $900 for a professional.

Your wedding budget spans from $5,575 to $10,200, covering all the joyful essentials!

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Wedding Budget: $10,000 to $15,000

If your wedding cash stash is rocking the $10,000 to $15,000 range, you've got a bit of wiggle room to sprinkle some extra glitter on key elements like your photographer, venue, and grub. But beware of sneaky fees, staff tips, and the wallet-suck of peak-season catering and venues. Keep those spending shades on because wedding costs can do the cha-cha and add up faster than confetti in a hurricane. Now, let's disco into the nitty-gritty breakdown of your wedding budget in this swanky price zone!

  1. Explore wedding dresses in the delightful range of $1,000 to $1,400, featuring our exquisite Amarra wedding collection.
  2. Plan for a joyful gathering with 75 to 150 cherished guests.
  3. Set the tone with your invites from $100 for DIY charms to $300 for fancier options.
  4. Budget $2,000 to $2,500 for a skilled photographer to capture the essence of your special day.
  5. Allocate $100 to $150 for the groom's handsome ensemble, whether renting or buying.
  6. Choose from a $1,200 unique spot to a comprehensive $2,300 package, including seating and linens.
  7. Set the mood with $800 to $1,000 for a local DJ or a musically inclined friend.
  8. Plan your feast with options ranging from $1,000 for a homemade banquet to $3,000 for catering with a small bar.
  9. Treat yourself to a cake delight with budgets of $150 to $300, crafted by a local bakery or a talented friend.
  10. Blossom with budgets from $50 for a simple bouquet to $300 for an elaborate floral touch.
  11. Sprinkle $700 on DIY projects, lights, and rentals, or enhance your ambiance with an extra $1,000 for additional decor.
  12. Whether relying on a family member for free or hiring a pro for up to $1,200, ensure a smooth day of coordination. 

Embrace the playful spirit with a total budget ranging from $13,360 to $15,800.

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Wedding Budget: $15,000 to $20,000

Choosing a wedding budget in the sweet spot lets you jazz things up with your flair and put the spotlight on what sparks joy for you. For a $15,000 to $20,000 budget bash, pick 3 to 4 must-haves to splurge on, and keep the rest in the budget-friendly zone. It’s like a wedding budget dance – staying groovy and focusing on what makes your heart skip a beat!

  1. Wedding dresses and alterations cost between $1,400 and $1,800, featuring styles from our Amarrawedding dress collection at this price point.
  2. Expecting 150-200 guests to attend your special day.
  3. Invest $150-$350 in stylish wedding invitations.
  4. Hire a photographer for $2,500-$3,000 to capture your memorable moments.
  5. Groom's attire can be purchased for $150-$200.
  6. Choose a venue ranging from $5,000 (non-standard with a serve-yourself buffet) to $10,000 (off-season booking, inclusive of food, alcohol, service staff, catering, and seating).
  7. Allocate $1,000-$1,400 for a DJ to keep the celebration lively.
  8. Budget $2,000 (food truck) to $3,000 (affordable catering with a limited bar) to $5,000 (full banquet with desserts and $900 worth of separately purchased alcohol) for food and drinks.
  9. A wedding cake will cost $300-$500.
  10. Bouquets, including those for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl with pricier flowers, range from $200-$300.
  11. Enhance the ambiance with decor priced between $1,000-$1,200, covering candles, centerpieces, florals, and more.
  12. Hire a day-of coordinator for $900 or a professional wedding planner for $2,000.

The total cost for a memorable wedding falls between $15,500 and $20,300.

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Wedding Budget: $20,000 to $25,000

Rocking this wedding budget gives you the power to play budget boss and decide where the party pockets go. Craving a fancy feast for your guests? Let the plates dazzle! Or maybe you’d rather cut back on the nibbles and sips, saving that extra dough for a honeymoon or adventure? It’s all in your hands! No need to compromise – with this budget shindig, you and your sweetheart call the shots! 

  1. Wedding dresses and alterations can range from $1,600-$3,000 with options from our Amarra wedding dress line within this price range.
  2. Anticipate a guest count of 200-250.
  3. Wedding invites are budgeted at $200-$400.
  4. Hiring a photographer and videographer will cost $3,000-$4,000.
  5. The groom’s attire is budgeted at $200-$250.
  6.  The venue, covering food, alcohol, service staff, catering, and seating for 100+ guests, falls between $9,000 to $14,000.
  7. Music expenses vary from $2,000 for a DJ to $3,000 for a local live band.
  8. Food and beverages range from $3,000 for affordable catering plus limited bar) to $6,000 (full banquet, desserts, and $1,200 worth of alcohol purchased separately)
  9. Wedding cake: $500-$1,000
  10. Bouquets: $300-$400 (bride and bridesmaid bouquets with pricier flowers)
  11. Décors such as candles, centerpieces, and florals are budgeted at  $1,500 
  12. Hire a professional wedding planner for $2,000

The overall cost for this splendid celebration falls between $19,850 and $25,850.

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Wedding Budget: $25,000+

Got a wedding budget of $25,000 and beyond? Time to dream big! Picture yourself in a destination paradise, a fancy resort, or a magical Disney wedding. When money’s no trouble, go ahead and spoil your guests and go all out on what’ll make your day extraordinary. Whether it’s a lavish ceremony or a jaw-dropping fireworks display, the choice is yours! Dive into our fancy wedding budget breakdown for a peek at the extravagance.

  1. Wedding dress and alterations range from $2,000-$4,000 (Explore our Amarra wedding dress collection for dazzling gowns in this price range).
  2. Expecting 250 or more guests for the big day.
  3. Wedding invites are budgeted at $300-$500.
  4. For a photographer and videographer set aside $4,000-$6,000.
  5. The groom’s attire is estimated at $250-$300.
  6. Secure a venue, inclusive of food, alcohol, service staff, catering, and seating for 200 or more guests, at $15,000-$17,000.
  7. Set the mood with music ranging from $2,000 for a DJ to $4,000 for a live band.
  8. Indulge your guests with food and drinks, costing $5,000 for a full banquet, desserts, and a limited bar, to $8,000 for a full banquet, dessert, and open bar.
  9. Slice into a delicious wedding cake priced at $1,000 or more.
  10. Adorn the celebration with bouquets, budgeted from $500 for the bride and two bridesmaid bouquets to $1,000 for a larger wedding party.
  11. Elevate the atmosphere with décor costing $2,000 or more for candles, centerpieces, flower arrangements, and more.
  12. Enlist the help of a professional wedding planner for $3,000 or above.

The total cost for this celebration falls within the range of $26,450 to $32,550 or more.

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Wedding Planning Percentages

When you’re in a budget bind, dance with our wedding budget breakdown percentage calculator to figure out the spending groove, but keep in mind these percentages are more like friendly nudges. It’s your day to sparkle, so splurge or save on what makes your heart happy!

  • 50% is dedicated to covering venue, catering, and rental expenses
  • 12% is designated for photography and videography
  • 10% is allocated for the wedding dress, hair and makeup
  • 8% is set aside for decor
  • 7% is dedicated to entertainment
  • 4% is earmarked for a wedding planner
  • 3% is budgeted for wedding stationery and invites
  • 3% is designated for wedding bands
  • 2% is reserved for various miscellaneous costs
  • 1% is devoted to goodies for guests

Planning your dream wedding can feel like a game, but it doesn’t have to stress you out. After devouring our wedding budget breakdown tips and tricks, you’re on your way to crafting the perfect celebration for you and your sweetheart. Check out our tips above to level up your wedding planning skills and stay within your budget.
Happy wedding planning, lovebirds!

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