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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Fabrics

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Fabrics

Remember the days when most of us spent countless afternoons playing and dressing up in our mom’s white dresses or bed sheets and pretending to walk down the aisle to marry our prince charming?

Well, those childhood games weren’t just fun but the seeds of a lifelong dream.

Now, as adults, the dream is finally becoming a reality–The day when you will be ready to enter a new phase and create a romantic story with the love of your life.

And for such a grand celebration, you might be doing all the preparations, scrolling through several apps to create the boards with ideas for dresses, venues, and decorations.

For the perfect look, you might be considering about several fabrics like fit, silhouette, fabric, design, and many more.

Out of all these things, the most important thing that you need to consider is the fabric of your wedding dresses.

So, to ease things for you, we have brought a detailed guide on “wedding dress fabrics” that will not only help you make the right choice for the fabrics but also keep you updated with the latest trends.

Now, grab your coffee and some snacks and reveal the magical side of different wedding dress fabrics.

Why Choose the Ideal Fabric for a Wedding Dress?

Fabric for a Wedding Dress


For all those brides-to-be, how will it feel partying around the whole day in something scratchy or too heavy? So uncomfortable, right?

Well, that’s the main reason to choose an ideal fabric that not only sets the vibes of the party but also allows you to move freely and comfortably.

So, when you’re searching for your wedding dress, don’t just focus on the design, but give some time to choose the best fabric for yourself.

Most Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics and Materials

Wedding Dress Fabrics and Materials


Here is a rundown of 7 trending wedding dress fabrics and materials that brides would absolutely love. From dreamy and flowy to more structured and elegant ones, these fabrics will make you shine for your big day!

Name Description Texture Weight Breathability Opacity Drape
Lace Intricate, Open-Weave Delicate Light Moderate Sheer Soft, Fluid
Satin Smooth, Glossy Finish Smooth Medium Low Opaque Fluid
Tulle Net-like, Airy Stiff or Soft Light High Sheer Stiff
Sequin Fabric embellished with sequins Textured, sparkly Medium to Heavy Low Opaque Structured to Fluid
Velvet Plush, Rich Texture Soft, Plush Heavy Low Opaque Structured
Crepe Lightweight, Crinkled Texture Soft, Crinkled Light to Medium High Opaque Fluid to Structured
Mikado A blend of silk and nylon with a slightly lustrous finish Smooth, Slightly Textured Medium to Heavy Moderate Opaque Structured

1. Lace: Timeless Elegance for Wedding Attire



Lace is like the fairy of all the fabrics for wedding dresses. It brings magical and romantic vibes that are hard to beat. Its timeless charm makes it perfect whether you’re going for a vintage-themed wedding or one with a modern touch.

It is mostly known for its delicate pattern, created through a network of threads. These threads are often looped, twisted, or braided together to form designs ranging from simple geometric shapes to highly complex floral or abstract motifs.

For the stunning collection of lace wedding dresses, you can explore the products from AMARRA, where each style has a unique story to tell. Out of all the collections, we have selected the following one for the most alluring wedding look.

most alluring wedding look

This year, get the most elegant look for your wedding with AMARRA’s Style Fiona 84407 lace-patterned wedding gown with a deep V-neckline and a delicate sweep train.

Best Seasons: All Seasons

  • Comes in different designs and patterns.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Suitable for modern and traditional weddings.
  • Prone to snagging and tearing.
  • Has a transparent effect.

2. Satin: Graceful Touch for Wedding Outfit



The fabric satin is like sipping into something that feels like liquid silk against your skin. Whether you’re choosing a classic ball gown or a sleek and modern silhouette, the silk fabric adds glamor to your ensemble.

Satin has an amazing, glossy finish that catches the light just right, making the whole dress shimmer and shine as you move. It's soft and smooth, draping beautifully and hugging your curves in all the right places.

Best Seasons: All Seasons

  • Smooth and glossy finish.
  • It flatters all body shapes and types.
  • Looks great in photographs.
  • It can highlight more creases in comparison to other fabrics.

3. Tulle: Crafting the Bridal Perfection


Have you ever thought about the fairytale vibes created with different layers of light, airy fabric? Well, that’s nothing but the fabric tulle! It’s super soft and makes you feel like you are floating gracefully in your wedding attire.

One of the most amazing facts about this bridal gown fabric is that it adds volume to the look without feeling weighed down. And, the best part is–It beautifully pairs well with lace, satin, and other sparkly embellishments.

If you’re thinking of wearing a tulle A-line wedding gown to flatter your body curves and beautify your look, you can check out the following product from AMARRA. You can also explore other trending wedding dresses from AMARRA’s collection.

trending wedding dresses

Create your fairytale with AMARRA’s Style Megan 84401 A-line tulle wedding gown with a stunning sweep train, cut-out back, and beautiful embroidery for the perfect bridal look.

Best Seasons: All Seasons

  • Lightweight and airy, and can be worn for a long duration.
  • Creating a soft, dreamy effect in photographs.
  • Doesn’t add more structure like satin or mikado.

4. Sequin: The Shiny Beauty of Bridal Couture


Want to add that unique sparkle and shininess to your attire? Well, a wedding dress curated with sequin fabric would be the perfect choice. It perfectly catches the lights and creates an amazing, flashy, and dazzling effect, making you feel like the queen of your celebrations.

With sequin fabric, you have so many possibilities for adding spark to your look. You can opt for a fully sequined gown for a high impact or keep it a little subtle with the sequin accents to add a hint of sparkle.

Best Seasons: All Seasons

  • Catches the light beautifully and gracefully.
  • Create the look of a modern, trendy bride.
  • The fabric is a little heavy, affecting the various body movements.
  • Chances of loss of sequins with time.

5. Velvet: Embracing the Classy Beauty



Velvet fabric adds a luxurious touch to your look. Its deep and rich texture perfectly creates elegance and sophistication. Its natural sheen looks incredibly beautiful in photos.

If you’re planning your wedding during winter, wearing a wedding outfit with velvet fabric gives the perfect warmth and coziness.

Best Seasons: Fall and Winter

  • It has a luxurious appearance.
  • Soft, comfortable, and easy to wear.
  • Velvet can generate static electricity, causing the fabric to cling or attract lint.

6. Crepe: Creating the Perfect Bridal Elegance


Its cool texture drapes beautifully, creating the most alluring look for the occasion. It hugs your body in all the right places without being clingy, making you look and feel amazing. Whether you’re going for a minimalist vibe or something more detailed, crepe is versatile enough to handle it all.

Also, this lightweight fabric is so comfortable that it allows you to walk and dance comfortably on the grand celebrations.

Best Seasons: All Seasons

  • Drapes beautifully.
  • Best for a sophisticated look.
  • It may have a limited stretch.

7. Mikado: The Majesty of Dreamy Wedding Look


If you’re looking for a wedding gown fabric that looks and feels luxurious without being over the top, the Mikado fabric would be the best choice. It creates a classy silhouette by perfectly blending the vintage and modern look. This fabric has a subtle shine and texture, making it perfect for all-season weddings. Also, Mikado is super soft and feels like a feather against the skin.

Best Seasons: Fall and Winter

  • It has a clean and structured appearance.
  • Provides perfect warmth for winter weddings.
  • Lacs the fluidity like other fabrics.

Get Ready to Drape!

There, you have it - everything you need to know about wedding dress fabrics! Choosing the right fabric for your gown is like finding the perfect partner; it's all about how it makes you feel.

Whether you go for the timeless elegance of lace, the shimmering glamor of sequins, or the plush luxury of velvet, each fabric brings its own charm to your big day.

Remember, it's not just about the look; it's about how you want to feel when you walk down that aisle.

So, take your time, try on different fabrics, and go with what makes you feel absolutely amazing. After all, your wedding dress is your chance to shine and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.

Happy dress shopping!

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