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8 Signs You’ve Found the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

8 Signs You’ve Found the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

Trust us, Amarra babes…

Choosing your dream wedding dress is no easy task.

Finding the perfect prom dress was hard enough without all eyes on you. This time, you’ll be walking down the aisle with all your loved ones watching you.

Although you may have been dreaming about your big day for some time, it’s hard to know when you’ve found THE dress. Especially after you’ve tried on dress after dress and heard your mom tear up every time you appear in a new gown.

Don’t let the pressure get you down! We’ve got 8 signs that will let you know when you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams.

It suits your style

There are plenty of bridal styles to pick and choose from. Magazines and bridal boutiques will tell you what dresses are on-trend. But only you know what best suits your style.

Think about what your everyday style is and go from there.

Is your wardrobe vintage, modern, edgy or something else entirely?

Try on plenty of dresses to get a feel for what you like but be sure to ask yourself, “Is this me?”

You don’t want to take it off

There’s no doubt you’ll feel like a princess in every dress you try on.

Each gown is stunning, and there are plenty of bridal studios with more designs to browse.

But when you find the perfect wedding dress, you won’t want to try any other styles. You’ll be busy staring at yourself in the mirror, twirling around and resisting to take it off.

You can’t stop thinking about it

Maybe you’ve walked out of the store and decided to sleep on it.

Now you’re tossing and turning all night. Your mind keeps going back to that one dress, and the image of you wearing it keeps popping into your head.

Taking some time to decide if a wedding dress is right for you is always a good decision. If you can’t stop asking yourself if you’d make the wrong choice by walking away, then you know it’s right for you.

It makes you feel beautiful

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you. It’s natural to pick at your flaws while trying on bridal gowns.

In some dresses, you are bound to think, “look at those back rolls” or “my hips look huge!”

All of those negative thoughts will go out the window when you find the perfect bridal gown. The right dress will make you feel like a million bucks and distract you from any insecurities.

Other people’s opinions won’t matter

There can be a lot of pressure to pick a dress that your family and friends approve of.

Is it traditional for grandma but not old-fashioned? Does it flatter your figure but not too revealing?

Brides can become overwhelmed while trying to please everyone. Instead, forget what other people expect and choose a dress that makes you feel special.

You get a special feeling

Remember how you felt when you found the perfect prom dress? You smiled from ear to ear and felt a tingle through your body.

Finding the wedding dress of your dreams will give you that same rush of excitement. It will also bring your friends and family to tears.

No matter how many ensembles you’ve tried on. You know you’ve found a showstopper when one or more begin to weep.

You picture yourself wearing it

You’ve spent a long time planning your big day. Every detail has been selected for a reason, so your dress needs to fit the theme of your wedding.

If you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle or your first dance in the dress, then it is the one. But if it doesn’t suit the theme or venue, you could look like the odd one out.

You start accessorizing

Save your veil for when you find the right dress. Don’t try it on with just any dress, as it can put you off your vision.

Once you try a wedding gown on and start to imagine how you’ll accessorize it, then you know you’ve found the one.

When you get that tingling feeling, it’s time to try on the veil. If the added extra cements your opinion, then you have definitely found the dress of your dreams.

Whatever your dream wedding looks like, be sure to check out our Pinterest and Instagram for more tips on choosing your wedding dress.

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