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The Best Wedding Dress Timeline Every Bride Needs

The Best Wedding Dress Timeline Every Bride Needs

Hey Amarra brides!
As exciting as your wedding is, planning it can also be really stressful. One of the hardest parts is finding wedding dresses – how soon do you need to start looking? How long do alterations take? When should your dress be finished?

Don’t worry. We’ve put together the best timeline for everything wedding dress-related, so you don’t have to. Let us help give you one less thing to worry about! This timeline assumes you have around a year until your special day, giving you plenty of time to get everything done. You’ve got this!


Getting Started

So he’s popped the question. Now what?

Now it’s time to break out that Pinterest board of gowns you’ve been adding to since you were fourteen. What catches your eye? What styles are you drawn to? What’s trending right now? Check out bridal magazines, blogs, and Instagram pages. Collect as much inspiration as you can! It’ll make it easier down the line if you have an idea of what you’d like to try on.

Let the Venue Help (12 months out)

Knowing whether your wedding will be indoor or outdoor, winter or summer will help you narrow down your dresses. A breezy beach wedding calls for a different dress than a banquet hall! One you know your venue and wedding date, you can start thinking more seriously about what dresses will be appropriate for your theme.

Now is also a great time to start booking appointments at bridal salons. Spaces can fill up quickly, especially on the weekends, so it’s best to book them as far in advance as possible!

Say Yes to the Dress (9 months out)

After trying on countless dresses, you’ve finally found the one! Congrats, you look incredible. Now what?

It’s time for the boring details- signing your dress contract, paying the deposit, and (the worst part) waiting for your dress to arrive. Creating your dream dress can take anywhere from 6-9 months, depending on embellishments or elaborate cuts. Make sure to factor in any bridal shoots that might require your dress before your wedding day- give the designer plenty of time to deliver the finished product.

Cross off the Little Things (5 months out)

While waiting for your dress can be torturous, it’s not useless! Use this time to plan ahead and get some details out of the way.

Make sure you have a tailor lined up for alterations. Check with the salon you purchased your dress from- sometimes they provide one or have a partnership with someone local.

This is also a great time to choose your accessories. Now that you know what dress you’ll be wearing, you can pick out a veil, jewelry, and shoes. It’s good to keep your venue and wedding theme in mind here- stilettos and a floor-length veil probably won’t go great for that beach wedding.

Pick Up Your Dress (3 months out)

Good things take time, and your gown is no exception! Thankfully your patience will eventually pay off and you’ll get to go pick up your dress. There’s still plenty of time before your big day to allow for any slight fluctuations in your timeline. Now that your wedding dress timeline is well underway, it’s time to start getting excited!

Start Your Fittings (2 months out)

As beautiful as your dress is, it’s not quite finished. It’s time to start your fittings! These will allow little tweaks to be made to ensure your dress is absolutely perfect.

Now is also a good time to stop the diets or juice cleanses- you want to make sure your weight isn’t fluctuating to ensure your dress fits the best that it can. You look great, don’t worry!


Final Tweaks (4 weeks out)

Time to get those last-minute alterations done! By now your dress should be pretty much complete. Now is also the best time to finalize what you’ll be wearing under your dress- you might need to try out some different options to see what works.

The First Look (2 weeks out)

With your alterations finally finished, it’s time for your first look at the finished product. Put on your veil, jewelry, and shoes- you can even get your makeup done as a test run for your big day. Enjoy this moment! All your hard work has finally come together. All the try-ons, alterations, and back and forth on which earrings look best- they’re over with. Take a deep breath. You look gorgeous!

Getting Down to It (1 week out)

You’re almost there! Time to take your completed gown home and pay the alteration fees. The bridal salon will send you home with a protective garment bag to keep your dress safe from sun, dust, and prying eyes. If possible, let the dress air out a day or two before the wedding. Any persistent wrinkles or creases can be gently steamed away.

Wedding Day

This is what you’ve been working for! Time to put on your finished dress and wow your guests. Take your time getting ready and enjoy every little moment. You look incredible!

Picking out a wedding dress is exciting, stressful, and once in a lifetime. Use this wedding dress timeline to keep yourself on track and minimize dress stress.

Here at Amarra, we can help make the process easier with our gorgeous selection of wedding gowns. With breathtaking selections for every style, we’ve got you covered!

Can’t wait to see you walking down the aisle!

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