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Tips for a Successful Initial Wedding Dress Fitting

Tips for a Successful Initial Wedding Dress Fitting

You've snagged your dream wedding gown! Now, between saying "yes" and strutting down the aisle, you'll dive into 1-3 fitting shindigs to transform "the one" into your personalized masterpiece of bridal fabulousness. From bling to tweaks, veils to fluffing, we've got the lowdown on acing that first dress fitting and crafting your ultimate bridal look. Ready for the deets? Keep scrolling!

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1. Keep in mind that it takes time for your wedding dress to arrive.

Timing is everything when it comes to your wedding dress journey! Here's the lowdown:

  • Wedding dress delivery is a 4-5 month gig, so order early. Aim for your first fitting 6-8 weeks before the big day.
  • Emotions might rollercoaster between shopping and fittings, so keep calm and be patient. More on that later!
  • Multiple fittings may be in the cards, especially for major dress and accessory tweaks.
  • Weight can play tricks, but stay realistic about its impact on dress alterations. Stay chill and enjoy the ride!
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2. Style your hair and makeup in a way that mirrors your wedding day look.

No need to hire a pro-HAMU artist for your debut dress fitting, but why not rock a fabulous look that aligns with your big-day vision? Here are some tips:

  • Prep for your bridal appointment by giving yourself a little beauty TLC! Moisturize, add a touch of contour, fill in those brows, pop on a bright lip, and define those eyes – you'll be feeling super glam and confident, even if you switch things up on the big day.
  • Now, a pro tip: Skip the bold lip or dramatic eyes to avoid any smudges or stains on your wedding dress during the dressing and undressing hustle.
  • For your hair, wash it the day before your fitting and style it up or down, depending on your bridal vision. Let the glam session begin!
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3. Don't forget to bring along your wedding accessories and jewelry.

Got some fab accessories for your big day? Bring the sparkle to your first dress fitting for the ultimate try-on party! Check out what to bring:

  • If your shoe game isn't decided, bring a pair with the same height you're aiming for on D-day.
  • Jewelry – you don't need the crown jewels, but having an idea of your statement pieces (think chandelier earrings, gloves, necklace, or a flower crown) is a game-changer.
  • Don't forget that heirloom veil or scope out some options at the boutique. Veil decisions (length and style) can seriously shake up your fittings and alterations. Let the accessory fiesta begin! 
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4. Bring the shoes you plan to rock on your wedding day.

Let's talk about alterations – the fun part where your gown gets a custom touch! Now, considering your footwear is key:

  • Aim for a shoe height that lets your gown graze the ground ever so elegantly. Too short cheapens the vibe; too long, and you'll be tripping the light fantastic all night.
  • Choose comfy shoes for the "I do's" and the dance floor. If you're planning a heel-to-flat switcheroo, remember it affects that perfect hemline.
  • Get cozy with your gown's bustle – it's a big player in nailing the length, sweep, and overall look of your wedding dress. Let the alterations adventure begin! 
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5. Wear the right undergarments that match your wedding dress style.

Crucial to a fabulous dress fitting? The magical touch of the right undergarments! Don't forget to bring the exact pieces you'll be rocking on your big day to all your fitting shenanigans. This is the secret sauce for the ultimate fit, tailor-made perfection, and maximum comfort in your final look. Let's talk about proper undergarments, shall we?

  • Level up your bridal look with some fab undergarments that match your gown's vibe:
  • Rock shapewear that enhances features like a sultry plunge, a low back, a sexy slit, or dreamy illusion fabric.
  • Snag a bra that not only supports your bust but also complements the bodice of your wedding dress – double win!
  • Add some oomph to your skirt with a slip or petticoat for that perfect fullness.
  • Check out design elements already built into your dress, like built-in shapewear, bra cups, a corset back, or a sleek jersey lining. Your dress's secret weapons for the win! 
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6. Invite your MOH and a family member you're close to for the bridal appointment.

Your first dress fitting is a bit like a VIP party, but keep it cozy – your MOH and a close buddy or relative are the A-listers for this shindig. Pick two pals who can dish out honest thoughts on your dress journey while keeping the positive vibes rolling. Here's how they can jazz up that fitting fiesta:

  • Snap tons of pics.
  • Dive into accessory exploration.
  • Share their take on potential customizations.
  • Be the budget guardians.
  • Offer some reassurance if those decision jitters kick in.

Check out more on the MOH duties for the ultimate success of your big day! 

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7. Stay open-minded about how your wedding dress fits.

Get ready for a little surprise as you slip into your wedding dress at the first fitting—it might feel a bit different than when you rocked gowns during your shopping spree. Time has ticked away, your wedding plans are in full swing, and here's the kicker: it's your first real-life rendezvous with "the one."

Keep in mind, the first dress you laid eyes on was probably an in-store sample – maybe a different size, color, or style tweak. So, give it a second to sink in that this is the real deal, the gown you'll be strutting down the aisle in! 

As you reunite with your gown fresh out of the box, your bridal stylist is about to dive into the wedding dress alteration adventure – the part where it molds to your unique shape. Get ready for some chit-chat about these key factors:

  • Your initial order was based on sizes and measurements, but that's just the start – the gown's magic kicks in during the fittings.
  • Plan for 1-3 fitting rendezvous, so make sure to lock in those dates and keep the convo flowing.
  • Your bridal stylist and alterations wizards are your ride-or-die crew for crafting that perfect fit. Trust their magic touch!
  • Share your vibe – whether it's sexy, unique, or classic – for the post-fitting look. It's a team effort to make it practical and budget-friendly.
  • Stay real about your weight and measurements – it's your time to shine on the big day! 
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8. Consider how you'll be moving around on your big day.

Turn your wedding dress fittings into a playful adventure by trying out various poses and moves to nail that perfect fit, comfort, and structure:

  • Strut around the room and tackle a few stairs – this ensures your heel height and hemline are a match made in bridal heaven.
  • Take a seat and make sure you're feeling comfy while ensuring your gown and undergarments stay in their prime position.
  • Get a little slouchy with those shoulders – see how it transforms the bodice of your wedding gown. (Spoiler: Perfect posture all day is a lofty goal!)
  • Bust out some dance moves to test the stretch and flexibility of your dress, preparing for a reception full of twirls and spins.
  • Think about the feels – consider how your gown's fabric vibes with the temperature on your big day, whether you're indoors or outdoors.
  • Bathroom break practice – because you want that plan perfected!
  • Lastly, a little dress rehearsal – take it off and figure out the untie, unclasp, readjust, and get dressed routine. Time to master the wedding dress dance! 
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9. If you're having doubts about your wedding dress pick, don't stress out.

Planning a wedding can be a wild ride, and if you're feeling a bit tangled up with your ambitious plans and vivid imagination, it's totally normal to get a touch anxious as the big day approaches. If your first dress fitting has you hesitating about your chosen gown, take a breather and consider these playful ways to navigate forward:

  • Maybe you're doubting because you kept peeking at more dresses after placing your order. Ask yourself: Is it a genuine dislike for your chosen gown, or are you just drowning in a sea of options?
  • Reflect on why you fell for that dress initially – it made you feel like the fabulous, complex person you are. Sure, you've got layers like a cake, and maybe your tastes evolved a smidge since that first try-on, but embrace the cool and complicated bride-to-be in you.
  • Remind yourself that your dress decision wasn't just about looks – budget, timing, venue, weather, and delivery played a role. Does this reinforce your choice?
  • If you're still caught in a gown dilemma, chat with your bridal consultant about the fine print in your agreement. Kindly explore options, keep the convo courteous, and stick to the parameters of your contract. You got this, fabulous bride! 

Ready for the next thrilling chapter in your wedding dress adventure? So are we! Check out our expert tips for wedding attire and perfect dress pairings, and also find the perfect wedding dress for every body type. With these tricks up your sleeve, your first dress fitting is bound to be a spectacular hit.

And if you're yet to dive into wedding dress shopping, track down one of our authorized retailers using our store locator. Here's to making your big day the absolute best! 

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