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Wedding Day Preps: How To Be The Perfect Maid of Honor

Wedding Day Preps: How To Be The Perfect Maid of Honor

Alright, you’ve just been given the Maid of Honor role by a unique bride in your life, and while you’re thrilled, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. No need to stress! We understand. At Amarra, we comprehend how stressful and enjoyable wedding planning can be, and the Maid of Honor plays a crucial role in it all! You’re the bridal party’s right-hand person, confidante, and fearless leader.

You’re the ultimate hostess and the honorary hype person on the dance floor! With many tasks, including shopping, organizing the bridal shower, planning the bachelorette party, and managing reception duties, heading your way, we’re here to assist.

To become the best Maid of Honor for your best friend’s best friend’s big day, check out our exclusive Maid of Honor guide below. Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts to stay updated on everything related to your best friend’s bridal journey!


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What is a Maid of Honor?

A Maid of Honor plays various crucial roles! She is not just the bride’s closest companion but also a reliable support, the assigned hand holder, and more!

The Maid of Honor might be any significant individual in the bride’s life, such as a sister, cousin, childhood confidante, sibling-in-law, male best friend, or anyone prepared to shoulder the essential responsibilities of the bride’s partner in crime on the wedding day.

Numerous responsibilities await the Maid of Honor before and on the wedding day. Continue reading to discover more about these duties.

Duties of Maid of Honor Before the Wedding Day

Assisting the bride in selecting her wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a Maid of Honor. At this wedding planning stage, the bride heavily relies on your input. While they may have already secured the venue and chosen color palettes, they eagerly seek the advice of their closest confidantes for a second opinion on the ideal wedding gown!

When scheduling or participating in the arrangement of a bridal appointment, remember the following tips to ensure a smooth and fruitful process:

  • Assist the bride in maintaining a concise guest list for their boutique wedding, meaning they don’t have to extend invitations to every relative, cousin, or acquaintance.
  • Support the bride in getting ready for their appointment by collecting inspiration and investigating the wedding dress offerings at their selected boutique. Compile a selection of their preferred dresses on Pinterest to serve as a guide and assist in locating specific wedding dresses in the local area.
  • Be prepared for potential visits to multiple boutiques.
  • Remember to bring your phone or camera to capture photos during the dress-shopping experience.
  • Offer sincere and constructive feedback as the bride tries on different wedding gowns.

To go above and beyond as the maid of honor, take the initiative to explore the latest bridal trends for your best friend’s bride. Currently, boho details, distinctive colors, lightweight fabrics, and corset bodices are trendy, and we’ve got the perfect gown suggestions for you:

  • Consider suggesting a chic mermaid wedding dress that combines elegance with a modern silhouette.
  • Explore options in airy chiffon for a light and graceful look.
  • Delve into all things couture to provide a touch of high-fashion sophistication.
  • Introduce moody colors to add a unique and atmospheric vibe.
  • Opt for an elegant satin gown for a timeless and luxurious feel.
  • Recommend romantic styles that capture the essence of love and celebration.

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Wedding Planning

Brides vary widely in their personalities and approaches to wedding planning. Some enthusiastically embrace the assistance and encouragement of friends and family, while others prefer to orchestrate their wedding independently.

As the Maid of Honor, you understand your friendship dynamics best. Are gentle nudges and motivation helpful, or is it better to step back and allow the bride to take the lead? Do you both thrive with structured schedules and collaborative brainstorming, or does the planning naturally unfold during regular interactions?

If the preferred approach is still being determined, feel free to reach out and schedule a discussion. Regardless of the bride’s personality or expectations, she will likely appreciate your commitment to planning, coordinating, and meeting her needs to the best of your abilities.

Additional duties in assisting your best friend:

  • Assist in vendor selection.
  • Handle the invitation address.
  • Offer input on various decisions.
  • Select colors, flowers, and food.
  • Organize the preparation process for the bride and bridesmaids.

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Coordinate Bridesmaids’ Dresses and Accessories

As the Maid of Honor typically assumes the lead in managing bridesmaid responsibilities, you must organize their dress, accessory, and styling acquisitions. If the bride seeks your assistance selecting stunning bridesmaid dresses, seize the opportunity to offer guidance on budget considerations, silhouette preferences, and color palettes! After the bride has perused options and made her choices, your responsibility is to ensure that each bridal party member is informed about the details of acquiring their gowns, including where, when, and how.

If the bridesmaid dresses are being ordered through your bridal boutique, the bride will likely share the relevant information provided by their stylist with you. This might include an online link for each bridesmaid to select their size and place an order or a method to pick up their dresses from an in-store batch order. Remind the bridal party about potential alteration costs – many boutiques and specialized bridal shops offer such services for bridesmaids’ gowns and groomsmen’s suits!

Regardless of whether the bride is shopping in-store or online, covering gown expenses herself or allocating them to the bridesmaids, consolidating purchases in a single delivery, or assigning tasks to individuals—perhaps the most crucial coordination effort you can assist with is synchronizing the purchase and delivery within a brief and manageable timeframe. The bride’s last need is a bridesmaid procrastinating or a return complication a month before the wedding!
Share some bridesmaid dress inspiration from our blog with your bride!

Give Support to the Bride

As the Maid of Honor, your significant role involves ensuring the bride’s engagement is smooth, enjoyable, and manageable. While you’re not required to rearrange your life for theirs, offering substantial support during this hectic and potentially stressful period is a genuine expression of your friendship.

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Maid of Honor Party Planning Duties

Bridal Shower

This marks another enjoyable task on your Maid of Honor checklist! Amidst all the shopping and pinning, you can assist the bride in orchestrating a stylish, distinctive, and meaningful bridal shower.

Here are a few guidelines to kickstart your planning:

  • Depending on the wedding timeline, schedule the bridal shower anywhere from 2-6 months before the wedding day.
  • Offer support to the bride selecting and sending out invitations for the bridal shower.
  • Create the guest list, including the bridal party, close friends, and family members.
  • Collaborate with the bride to determine the host for the celebration. It could take place at a relative’s home, a restaurant, a park, or a unique venue.
  • If decorating falls under your purview, request mood boards and inspiration from the bride. Source items that align with their preferences and budget.
  • Explore games and activities that match the bride’s personality and complement the atmosphere of the gathering. A closely bonded guest group might prefer a more casual and organic approach, while a group less acquainted with each other may benefit from structured games and icebreaker-style activities.

Bachelorette Party

Next on your Maid of Honor Duties checklist: organizing the bachelorette bash! Here are several ways to ensure the experience is unforgettable, manageable, and accessible of drama:

  • Assist in managing the bride’s expectations and anxiety, steering clear of unrealistic notions perpetuated by media and movies. Strive to maximize excitement while avoiding any unnecessary stress.
  • Work within a practical budget, respecting those contributing money or resources. For instance, if a bridesmaid offers a family cabin, ensure everyone knows the rules and expectations. When pooling resources for food and alcohol, establish a detailed plan in advance through a group itinerary email.
  • Avoid overloading the schedule for the day or weekend. Recognize that the bridal party is there to relax and enjoy each other’s company; unnecessary “traditions” can be skipped for genuine enjoyment.
  • Establish a clear transportation plan to eliminate any risk of driving under the influence.
  • Personalize the experience by considering the bride’s interests when selecting the location. If the typical Vegas cliché isn’t their style, opt for a unique destination like a local vineyard, a glamping spot, or a spa retreat.
  • Coordinate with the group to plan the bride’s surprise activity or experience during the bachelorette festivities. Additionally, presenting a personalized gift is a thoughtful touch.

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Maid of Honor Duties During the Wedding

Assist with venue setup as required

With the current trend favoring do-it-yourself weddings, be prepared to offer your assistance if your bride has chosen this path! Whether arranging table settings or creatively crafting floral arrangements, you can provide valuable help.

Coordinate Bridesmaids’ Duties

Bridesmaids’ responsibilities can vary based on the wedding’s size and complexity, but the typical breakdown includes:

  • Covering the costs of their attire and accessories.
  • Contributing to the expenses of the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
  • Attending pre-wedding events, such as the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Purchasing a wedding gift.
  • Assisting the Maid of Honor before, during, and after the wedding.
  • Taking part in the wedding ceremony.
  • Being present in bridal party photos.
  • Serving as an enjoyable and helpful guest during the reception.
  • Ensuring the bride eats and stays hydrated on the wedding day.
  • Maintaining a positive, energetic, and supportive attitude minimizes stress throughout the process.

As the second-in-command of the bridal party, a significant portion of the management and coordination responsibilities falls on your shoulders. You’re more than capable of handling it!

Assist the bride with her wedding gown, bustle, and veil.

As the wedding day draws near, collaborate with the bride to organize the detailed dress, hairstyling, and makeup application schedule. This checklist for the Maid of Honor during the preparation phase may involve:

  • Arrive at the venue on time.
  • Coordinate the arrival times of the rest of the bridal party.
  • Manage appointments for bridesmaids’ dresses, hair, and makeup.
  • Discuss the bride’s on-site beauty items.
  • Help the bride with the process of donning her wedding gown.
  • Add accessories such as jewelry, veil, and shoes.
  • Pose for photos capturing the bride getting dressed.
  • Aid with corsages, bouquets, crowns, and other floral accessories.
  • Have an emergency kit, or be prepared to run to the store for last-minute supplies.
  • Assist with bustling the bride’s dress for the reception.
  • Safeguard the bride’s veil and assist with the bouquet.

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Keep Bridesmaids on Schedule

One of the most valuable ways you can assist the bride on her wedding day is by taking control of the bridal party’s schedule. Similar to the getting-ready plan outlined earlier, this role involves:

  • Ensuring every bridal party member arrives promptly with their attire, makeup, accessories, and any additional items.
  • Keeping everyone nourished, hydrated, and energized.
  • Serving celebratory drinks and offering a pre-ceremony toast.
  • I managed hair and makeup appointments and adhered to vendor timelines.
  • Guiding the bridal party through the venue and familiarizing them with the location of various items.
  • Handling phone calls, texts, and logistical queries on behalf of the bride.
  • Ensuring the bridal party is aware of their lineup and ceremony roles.

Additionally, the pre-wedding timeline is as crucial as the wedding-day agenda. As part of your Maid of Honor responsibilities leading up to the wedding, regularly check in with bridesmaids regarding their dresses, travel plans, gift and registry inquiries, planning tasks, and budgeting.

Manage the bouquet, rings, and marriage license.

While it may appear to be general information, it falls under the responsibilities of the Maid of Honor to carry the bouquet and ring during the ceremony. Throughout the vow exchange, the Maid of Honor holds the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s ring until the exchange moment arrives.

Pro tip: To prevent mishaps, securely hold the ring on your thumb during the ceremony! Finally, it’s important to note that the Maid of Honor and Best Man should serve as witnesses while signing the marriage license.

Give a Toast at the Reception

This might be an exhilarating or anxiety-inducing aspect of your Maid of Honor duties: delivering a unique, heartfelt, and impactful toast during the wedding reception! Whether you’re a confident public speaker or a more reserved individual, here are some timeless elements to include and some to steer clear of:

  • Stick to a proven formula, but inject appropriate personal touches.
  • Rehearse a few times before the actual wedding day.
  • Share some heartfelt advice from your wedding day, if applicable.
  • Incorporate a relevant quote if you find it fitting.
  • Keep the speech concise and meaningful.
  • Avoid awkward humor, insensitive remarks, and clichés (such as crude jokes, references to money, obscure inside jokes, criticism of either partner, oversharing, unnecessary personal details, etc.).
  • If you enjoy giving speeches and consider yourself proficient, resist the temptation to make it about yourself. Instead, center the toast on the couple and the overall guest experience.

Wedding toasts typically fall into two categories: either become a significant and positive part of the ceremony or devolve into an awkward situation with a questionable microphone and an inebriated wedding party. As the Maid of Honor, it is your responsibility to navigate this crucial portion of the evening—set the tone with your own enjoyable, fabulous, and thoughtful commendations for the newlyweds!

Get the Party Started!

While it may appear straightforward, this task is more challenging than it seems. If the party is losing momentum or the DJ struggles to get people dancing, you and the Best Man are responsible for kickstarting the festivities!

Collect and Organize Gifts

Gifts are enjoyable, but the bride and groom certainly don’t want to deal with them after a whole day of marriage. As a final task, coordinate a group of individuals to load all the gifts into a car and ensure their safe transport to the following location!

Keep in mind that you’ve got this. Ultimately, the most crucial aspect of being chosen as the Maid of Honor is to provide the best possible support to the bride. You’ve already established a beautiful foundation of trust and friendship. Now, leverage that to help organize an unforgettable celebration for one of your dearest friends!

Explore our diverse range of planning blogs for additional inspiration beyond Maid of Honor duties! At AMARRA, we also boast an extensive collection of evening dresses for both maid of honor and bridesmaids. This selection will be a valuable resource in elevating your wedding day planning.

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