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The Ultimate Checklist for Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

The Ultimate Checklist for Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

We hear the merry sounds of your wedding bells. But have your wedding bells been fogged by all the voices in your head, planning each detail for your special day? The most special day of your life: you want to feel confident, adorable, and THE BEST. But this is your last concern at the moment.

You are busy calling different services, nagging them for confirmation. Or you are crying over the phone call, telling your mother how stressed out you are. And let us not even start with the struggle of finding the perfect wedding dresses for the bride here.

Here’s one thing you desperately need but can’t say aloud: The pampering throughout the tedious planning.

A cup of coffee is perfect for letting all the pre-wedding stress out. But as you sip your coffee, we bring you our ultimate checklist for deciding on your dream wedding attire.

Let the pampering begin with our checklist:

Make a List of Must-Haves

The search for your perfect wedding dress starts long before you actually visit a store or spend hours scrolling through online dress stores. Begin with defining a vision for your wedding and dress. Before you begin your search, have a list of things you want in your dress.

But the challenge is it can be one of the most demanding tasks in your wedding planning. This is because it is not just what dress you want but also aligns with a whole wedding vision.

Do you not have a vision for yet? All you have to do is ask yourself the following questions:

  • What details do I want my wedding outfit to have? Is it embroidery, rhinestone accents, appliques, or lace details?
  • What silhouette compliments my body the best? Is it mermaid-style dresses or an A-line silhouette?
  • How do I want my overall look to be? Is it an inspiration from princesses of childhood tales or a unique boho-chic aesthetic?
  • Where does my comfort lie? Are dresses with long trains comfortable for me? Will I be comfortable in sensual wedding gowns, or do modest dresses work the best?

Now, with answers to all these questions, you have a vision of your dream dress. One point listed out: Kudos!

Know Your Budget

A wedding surely is an expensive deal. So, once you know what gown you have in mind, plan a budget.

Before you plan a budget for your Amarra’s wedding gown, learn more about what dictates the overall costs of a wedding dress. If you don’t know it yet, here are two most important factors:


Different designers and online stores use different materials to craft perfection in their wedding gowns. Some of the most common fabric types used include tulle, organza, crepe, satin, and chiffon.


What brings elegance to Amarra’s wedding dresses and makes them unique is their embellishments. Dresses with more intricate details and embellishments represent high-quality craftsmanship. This makes the costs go higher.

Now that you have a planned budget give yourself credit for ticking off another checkpoint in your checklist!


Planning a wedding can take a lot of effort, time, and expertise. No matter how much you research or explore, there are a few things you can still miss. And all the details can make you confused. So your savior here is WEDDING CONSULTANTS!

Besides planning the wedding, the wedding consultants help you find the right wedding dress. You get expert advice not only with your shopping but also with needed alterations and finding the perfect accessories. So, it is a win-win in the end.

With this, you have another thing taken care of from your checklist.

Begin The Search

Now comes the most important part of finding the right wedding dress for you: starting with the dress hunt!

Need the easiest way to start it? Get clarity on where you want to buy it from.

Do you want to go to local boutiques and find a dress you fall in love with? Or do you want to find more options online? The benefit of relying on online clothing stores is that you get various options in unlimited designs and with all the latest trends.

As you search for your dream wedding outfit, consider the following factors:

Your wedding is no ordinary shopping. Give enough time and opportunities to find the perfect outfit for your special day.

During your search, try as many dresses as possible. It surely is time-consuming, but you get a better insight into what flatters you the most. One challenge with too many options is that it can overwhelm and confuse you. But it is a challenge only if you start your search a month before your wedding. If you have enough time, you will have clarity on what you want your wedding dress to be.

As you explore different options, know your body type. Body type can make it easier to filter out options that don’t flatter your body type. This includes the silhouette, neckline, skirt type, length of the gown’s train, fabric, and additional details of the dress.

If you opt to search them online, you are not trying your gowns like in boutiques. Know that the size charts for each brand will differ. So, know your exact body measurements as you find your dream dresses.

As you find Amarra’s wedding dresses for your special day, it is important you stay true to what you love. As you start finding your dream dress, you are flooded with different dresses. The countless designs and the latest trends! Amidst all the choices, pick a dress that your heart truly wants.

We can sense your joy as we clear off another point from the listing. But hold on for a little longer!

Have an Open Mind

You started your wedding dress shopping with a vision, which is great. But as you explore more options, you have dresses in a great variety. And sometimes, you will get options that you end up falling in love with.

Imagine you fell in love with Amarra’s wedding gown, which is nothing like what you intended your dream outfit to be. It flatters you perfectly, fitting your curves in the best way possible, and you can not just get enough of its intricate detailing. Is it then wise to still stick to the vision of your perfect wedding outfit?

You know the answer to this question: NO!

Start with a vision, but it is best to have an open mind finding your dream dress. Try on different fabrics, silhouettes, embellishments, and even colors.

Cheers, we are almost at the end of our list.

Customization & Tailoring

The hunt doesn’t end even if you have your dream dress in your hand. The dress should fit perfectly, and it is very rare to find a dress that fits well.

Apart from a perfect fit, you never know how adding sleeve or lace details can make the dress appear completely.

We know you are still reading this, and here’s the prize for sticking to the end: Your ultimate checklist!

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress Made Easy

The wedding is the day you should be having fun. And if we are honest here, the planning should also be the same. But the to-be forever life partners are never really relaxed. Wedding planning is never so easy. All the arrangements, the guest invites, or the right music choice. But we can help you take one burden off here: helping you find Amarra’s wedding dresses for the bride. Read our blog, create a checklist, and make your wedding shopping go smoothly. We still hear the wedding bells, and we want you to enjoy the merry sounds as well!

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