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Your Complete Guide to Planning a Magical Outdoor Wedding

Your Complete Guide to Planning a Magical Outdoor Wedding

Absolutely no doubt about it – outdoor weddings are like stepping into a magical realm! Picture this: the breeze playing tag with your hair, nature setting the stage with its earthy charm, and a spectacular starry finale giving your sparkler send off a run for its money. It's no surprise that outdoor weddings are all the rage! They're budget-friendly (especially in your backyard), and the open-air vibe crafts unforgettable moments for you and your gang. Curious about how to orchestrate this outdoor extravaganza? We've got playful tips, tricks, and answers to your burning questions on outdoor wedding planning below – so, ready, set, scroll!

Which month is optimal for hosting an outdoor wedding?

Picking the perfect time for your outdoor wedding is like choosing the ideal ice cream flavor – it all depends on where you are! In the U.S., folks often opt for the sweet spot of early summer or early fall – think May, June, September, and October – when the weather's just right and rain isn't crashing the party. But hey, if you're dreaming of a winter wonderland or a spring fling, don't rule it out! Get imaginative with tents, and cozy fire pits, and deck your guests out in snazzy scarves, wraps, and mittens.

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What time of day is ideal for saying "I do" in the great outdoors?

Outdoor weddings usually kick off in the late afternoon and carry on into the night, starting from 5 p.m. onwards. This timing brings a bunch of perks – cooler temps, the perfect golden hour for photos, romantic moonlit dancing, and the classic touch of having dinner during the reception. Yet, who's to say a morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception can't be equally fabulous? Your wedding is all about your desires and style!

Do outdoor wedding ceremonies tend to be less expensive?

Having your bash under the open sky often saves you some cash – think backyard bashes or beach blowouts! Yet, watch out for fancy outdoor spots like estates and vineyards; they might throw your budget a curveball, just like their indoor counterparts.

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What creative ways can I use to adorn an outdoor wedding venue?

When scheming up your al fresco wedding bash, think about the decor vibes you want. Stay true to your style, but keep an eye on how Mother Nature might mess with your beautiful setup. Make sure all your decorations are locked down tight – don't let a surprise breeze wreck your wedding wonderland! Keep scrolling for more outdoor wedding decor tricks.

What's the alternative plan in case of unexpected rain and unfavorable weather?

Choose an outdoor spot that can easily switch to indoors if rain decides to crash the party. When booking, take a stroll through the indoor option to envision your special day. If you're opting for a backyard bash, make sure there's enough room inside for your guests – you can get crafty with rearranging furniture or setting up a tent. Don't forget to plan your weather backup well ahead of time – rain on your wedding day is just lucky sprinkles!

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Guidelines for Organizing an Outdoor Wedding

Prepare in advance.

Get the wedding party started early! Beginning your outdoor wedding plans ahead of time is like having a backstage pass to a flawless celebration. No last-minute chaos, and you'll be prepared for any unexpected weather twists. Plus, you'll snag your dream vendors and venue on the perfect date. If it fits your budget, enlist a wedding planner to tackle the tricky logistics of your outdoor extravaganza.

Choose a season or month with minimal weather changes or rain possibilities.

For an outdoor wedding with less stress, aim for early summer or fall when the weather's just right. January, February, and March play hard to get, being the trickiest months for open-air celebrations. Watch out for the sizzling risks in July and August – heat and surprise thunderstorms might crash your party. But fear not! With solid planning and a dash of creativity, you can conquer any obstacle. Just have a backup plan and clue in your guests to dress weather-wise!

Pick a wedding theme.

Time to bring that Pinterest board out of retirement and let it work its magic! Picking your wedding theme is like unlocking a treasure trove for your venue, decorations, and music choices. There's no rulebook on nailing the perfect outdoor wedding theme – just go with what your heart desires!

Sprinkle some outdoor magic on your wedding with these themes:

  •  Blooming Garden Bash
  • Cozy Cottagecore Celebration
  • Boho Charm with a Rustic Twist
  • Chic Farmhouse Fête
  • Whimsical Forest Enchantment
  • Sandy Toes and Beachy Vibes

Figure out your spending plan.

Mastering your budget details is like unlocking the secret code to your dream wedding. Start by figuring out your venue and guest count – that's your VIP ticket to the planning party. Once that's sorted, play Wedding Wizard with the rest of your budget. Maybe you're saying "I Do" in your parents' backyard, saving on venue bucks, and now you can let those dreamy, extravagant flowers steal the spotlight! It's budget magic, my friend.  

Set up fantastic lighting for your photographer and videographer

Time to capture the enchantment! Schedule your photo extravaganza during the golden hour for that extra touch of magic. Make sure your altar is soaking up some bright vibes, facing the sun for that perfect glow-up. If your outdoor spot is a dreamy, shadowy forest, chat with your photo and video wizards about conjuring up some extra lighting to keep the mystical moments beautifully illuminated. Let the wedding glow-up begin!

Ensure there's electricity ready to roll at your venue.

Double-check with your venue that you're all plugged in! You'll need that electricity for a DJ to spin tunes, a mic for your maid of honor's epic speech, and some twinkling lights for when the stars steal the spotlight. Don't let this electrifying detail slip through the cracks – add it to your checklist for outdoor wedding awesomeness!

Think about food choices that thrive in an outdoor setting.

Let's spice up the menu with outdoor vibes! How about some post-dinner s'mores delight? Outdoor weddings are like a foodie playground – think woodfired pizza, BBQ extravaganzas, and veggies straight from the garden!

And here's a cool twist: Food trucks are the rock stars of outdoor catering. Whether you're into sushi, mac and cheese, BBQ, or tacos, there's a food truck ready to roll for your guests. Bonus: They're not just tasty; they make for a seriously cute photo moment!

Dress up the outdoors with decorations.

Let nature be your wedding decor muse! String fairy lights on tree limbs, embrace garden aisles for your grand entrance and set up a sweet altar with a killer view. Sprinkle some charm with outdoor furniture, twinkling lights, photos, and personal treasures – voila, your natural space turns into a wedding wonderland! 

Ensure there are restroom choices available for your guests.

Keep your guests comfy with clean and spiffy bathroom options. Budget-friendly choices abound, so you can pick the perfect potty setup. Just remember to keep them a bit away from the action, but not in a secret hideaway. Throw in some signs if needed to guide your guests – it might not be the star of the show, but it's a must-do for your outdoor wedding! 

Shield your guests from pesky bugs.

Battle the buggy invaders and keep your guests bug-free! Get the outdoor venue treated by local bug-busters four days before your big day. Go natural with citronella candle glows, lavender hangouts, or a hint of tea tree oil in the air. Pests, be warned – it's a bug-free bash! 

Beat the heat at your summer wedding with a cool solution outdoors.

Keep your cool during a summer outdoor wedding with some fun tricks! Hand out cute paper or electric fans, make sure drinks are icy cool, and go for chill furniture like breezy wicker and lightweight-covered chairs. Set up cool shaded spots and tell guests to dress breezy. Pick the coolest times for your ceremony and party – mornings or evenings are the way to go! 

Keep an eye on the forecast a couple of days in advance.

Turn that weather app into your trusty sidekick as the big day approaches. Hoping for clear skies and a hint of breeze in the forecast – fingers crossed! But hey, no worries if Mother Nature throws a curveball. That's where your Plan B superhero cape comes in for your outdoor extravaganza. Chat it up with your wedding planner, rally the bride tribe for backup, sort out the logistics, and keep your cool if Plan B takes center stage. The magic of the big day is still on the horizon.

Pay attention to noise during nighttime events.

Be the neighborhood rockstar – keep an ear on the volume, especially if your party extends into the night. Whether you're turning your backyard into a wedding wonderland or your venue is cozy with neighbors nearby, watch out for noise levels.

Outdoor bashes are a blast, but they come with their own set of fun challenges. Follow these pointers, and organizing your al-fresco wedding will be as easy as a stroll in the park. Don't forget to peek at our stunning Amarra wedding gowns that are just the thing for open-air celebrations.

Craving more creative vibes? Dive into our blog for extra wedding hacks and inspiration! Cheers to the planning adventure, and may your special day be downright awesome!

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