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How to Pick the Right Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding Fantasy

How to Pick the Right Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding Fantasy

Many couples love having fancy photos for their big day, and seriously, who wouldn't? It's way more fun enjoying the glam celebration you've been planning for months when a photo pro is there to capture all the pretty stuff! If you're wondering how to pick the right wedding photographer to match your vibe, here's your chance to learn some photo basics with Amarra’s guide. Check out styles, find local talent, set your budget, and interview potential photographers. With some prep and flair, you'll find the perfect vendor for your big day!

Okay, first things first—how do you match your photo style with your wedding vibe? Classic weddings might want timeless photos, while quirky dresses and bold colors are perfect for artsy shots. Check out more tips below!

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Getting Started with Wedding Photography Styles: What You Need to Know

When searching for a photographer, just remember: pick the one whose style matches yours, whether classic and fancy or cool and dramatic. Keep it simple, and find the perfect snap buddy for your big day!

Get to know the photo game basics by asking possible wedding photographers about their style and influences when you chat. Here's a quick list to jazz up your first meeting:

Digital vs. Film

Think of digital photos like the rockstars of pics these days—they're everywhere and for good reason! They're quick to get, easy to find online and share with everyone. Plus, they've got all these cool features and effects to make your photos stand out and be totally awesome!

But wait, forget about all the fancy tech stuff. Lots of cool couples are choosing the clear and cozy feel of the film—it's like the classy, one-of-a-kind rebel compared to regular digital. Sure, it might cost a bit more, but the pics? Oh boy, they're like pure magic!

Traditional vs. Trendy and Creative Styles

So, the usual wedding photo styles are like a tried-and-true recipe—formal pics, family shots, and candid reception moments—all timeless and smile-worthy. But guess what? For trendy couples, there are many excellent, out-of-the-box options to give those classics a fun makeover!

If you're vibing with a non-traditional style, hunt down photographers who call themselves "creative," "customized," or just plain "out of the box." These folks are the pros at spicing things up for an unforgettable experience!

Vivid vs. Subtle

Excited about the thought of a glowy pic of you and your love in a snowstorm? Dreaming of a stunning portrait with your veil catching the breeze? Hunt down wedding photographers who can dazzle you with awesome shots no matter the season, venue, or couple vibe!

Sure, any snapper can show off a couple of glam shots on their site, but creating a whole wedding album filled with "wow" moments? That's like putting on a show – it needs some extra flair and a unique perspective!

If you're not feeling the whole Hollywood glam photo vibe, scout for wedding photo styles that are chill and real. Think sweet and subtle bridal pics that stand the test of time, no tacky props or old-school poses. Your photo gallery will be a delight to flip through for years!

Light and Bright vs. Deep and Dramatic

As you swipe through wedding pics, you'll spot the difference between those light and breezy vibes and those with deep, rich colors. Feeling the "airy" look for a springy or watercolor-themed vibe? Go for it!

Or maybe you're in the mood for some "moody" tones, perfect for a holiday wedding or romantic party scene. Trust your gut, think about your venue and when it's happening—both styles are stunning in their fantastic way!

Posed vs. Candid Shots

You've seen the classic wedding poses: the groomsmen's sock show-off, the dip-kiss, the bridesmaids forming a bouquet brigade up the stairs—these well-orchestrated shots are the go-to for wedding albums!

But hold the posed perfection! For a change from the norm, lifestyle and documentary wedding photographers capture real, in-the-moment pics of people, details, and scenes. How to spot these cool photographers? Check out galleries where it looks like no one knows the camera's there.

In these shots, the documentary-style pro dives into cozy corners, catches natural expressions, and grabs visual vibes (no stiff poses!) to amp up the moment's emotion.

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Picking the Right Wedding Photographer with Research and Suggestions

Now that you're a pro at wedding photo styles, it's time to find your local photo buddies. Chat with a couple of photographers to make sure you're all on the same page for your big day. Here's your to-do list for each meeting:

  • How much does the photographer charge?
  • What do you get in the photo deal—like extra sessions?
  •  How long have they been doing this?
  • How do they describe their photo style?
  • Are there any extra charges for travel, extra helpers, cool gear, or overtime?
  • What's their policy on rainchecks, deposits, and payments?
  • Do you get to keep the pics and show them off whenever you want?

Asking these questions will make it easier to figure out the expenses, timing, and details when picking your ideal wedding photographer. One fewer thing to stress over for your grand celebration!

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Setting Budget Limits While Valuing Your Wedding Photographer

Think of photography as the big spender in your wedding budget—it doesn't matter if you're having a small cozy ceremony or a fancy ballroom bash. Having a fantastic wedding photographer is like having a superhero to capture all the vibes, your personalities, and every little detail of your big celebration!

Here's the super important tip: Hire a pro when picking a wedding photographer. Cakes disappear, flowers wilt, but a fabulous photo collection? That's the forever treasure. Even though those wedding pics might look super easy-breezy, creating that romantic, personalized, and top-notch photo package is no walk in the park. So, why take a risk with such a vital part of telling your love story?

We can't wait to sneak a peek at your awesome wedding pics! And hey, if you're just diving into the wedding planning adventure after saying "I do," take a gander at Amarra's collection of stunning wedding dresses that shine in photos! 

From picking the perfect photographer to figuring out your dress budget, we've got all the deets to kick off your engagement journey in total style!

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