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Top Picks: Wedding Gowns Ideal for Apple-Shaped Brides

Top Picks: Wedding Gowns Ideal for Apple-Shaped Brides

When picking your wedding fit, boost those fave features and keep it balanced for your vibe! In our ongoing series on wedding looks for all body types (tall queens, hourglass babes, pear-shaped stunners, you get it!), we're dropping another post on slaying those fit rules for all the apple-shaped babes out there!

For all you brides reppin' the "apple shape wedding dress" (rockin' a bit more in the midsection, a full chest, slim legs, and those narrow hips), we got the lowdown on some fire wedding dresses that might be your dream come true. Keep scrolling, and get ready to slay! 

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Flattering Satin A-line 

Introducing the exclusive STYLE DAISY 88205 A-line wedding gown—crafted precisely for our apple-shaped beauties. Its distinctive illusion neckline elegantly highlights your shoulders, décolletage, and face. The slightly elevated waistline creates a captivating illusion of cinched midsection perfection.

Daisy's refined and symmetrical lines seamlessly complement the clean satin underlay, working harmoniously to flatter and elongate your silhouette. The A-line structure adds a touch of femininity and romance, offering the ideal ensemble to showcase your timeless style while accentuating your finest features. 

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Lovely Lace Wedding Gown

For those with an apple-shaped figure, characterized by a broadened midsection and a more tapered appearance in the arms and legs, envision adorning yourself in the graceful A-line elegance of STYLE WILLOW 84363. This gown is crafted to impart a subtle curvature, offering a refined silhouette.

The incorporation of lace florals and intricate details creates a visual play, skillfully crafting the illusion of curves along the bodice, waistline, and décolletage. Moreover, the linear motifs in the skirt are meticulously designed to elevate the allure of your long and slender legs. Utterly chic and sophisticated!

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Nature-Inspired Bridal Gown

This floral lace wedding gown, known as STYLE HAILEY 85694, serves major ballerina vibes. Hailey's soft and flattering design suits various heights, proportions, and figures with absolute grace. What sets this gown apart? Hidden gem–pockets for that extra touch of sophistication!

Crafted with nature-inspired lace and a subtle shimmer, this dress works magic to create a slimming effect from head to toe. The plunging V-neckline and V-back create a captivating visual appeal for your upper half. For those rocking the apple-shaped plus-size vibe, Hailey is the epitome of sweet, romantic, and effortlessly elegant bridal style! 

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Affordable Wedding Dress 

Introducing the effortlessly chic ensemble that's all about that bodice and silhouette. Intricate beaded motifs gracefully adorn the V-neckline, while a raised waistline works its magic, sculpting the illusion of a slender midsection. These spaghetti straps? A divine choice for our apple-shaped brides, caressing your shoulders and collarbones while accentuating those fabulous curves. Simply exquisite!

Behold the STYLE CHLOE 85721 from our budget-friendly Amarra Wedding Dress collection—where sophistication meets affordability for the contemporary bride. Explore a realm of timelessly flattering bridal gowns, all priced at or below $1000. Whether you lean towards the allure of A-lines or the enchantment of ball gowns, discover the epitome of wedding dresses tailored to complement the grace of apple-shaped silhouettes. 

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Alternative Ball Gown Wedding Dress

For all chic brides with an apple-shaped silhouette and a taste for the extraordinary, envision yourself in a black wedding dress with a dreamy A-line silhouette. Our top pick to match your bold aesthetic? Meet STYLE BETSY 88212—confident, enchanting, and the epitome of unconventional elegance.

These noir-inspired designs complement a range of body types, but they genuinely shine for brides, aiming to accentuate their midsection, highlight their bust, and define that waistline. (Yep, you guessed it, another top-notch choice for our apple-shaped beauties!)

If you lean towards a more timeless vibe, the all-ivory version of this style is a delightful alternative. Its laid-back ball gown silhouette and delicate lace motifs spotlight your bodice, while a graceful train adds that extra refinement to your silhouette. Pure sophistication! 

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Sexy Crepe Wedding Dress 

Ditch the idea that apple-shaped brides are confined to A-lines and ball gowns—let's embrace the allure of crepe and lace, the ultimate combo to sculpt, streamline, and accentuate those curves. The subtle lace brings a touch of sophistication to your bodice and décolletage, while the sleek crepe crafts an elongated and refined lower half.

Introducing STYLE ANGEL 88210, boasting a touch of stretch jersey to flawlessly contour those hips and legs. Delicate illusion details define the bust and waistline, making it the ultimate choice for brides rocking apple-shaped frames, fuller midsections, and broader torsos, all while exuding a seriously sexy bridal vibe. 

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Long Sleeve Boho Bridal Gown

We're obsessed with the boho bridal magic of a long-sleeve gown—it's all about that romance, chic vibes, and effortless styling that suits any body type, aesthetic, or wedding dream. We're crushing on STYLE ANNA 84386, a mermaid-style dream of a bridal dress with a lace-embellished bodice and a show-stopping tulle skirt. Oh, and those sheer sleeves? Delicately covering the arms while giving a sneak peek of that radiant skin.

Are you absolutely in love with the lace details? Here's the genius part for our apple-shaped beauties—the intricate motifs draw attention to your upper half and work their magic, creating the illusion of a snatched waist. Keep an eye out for similar details when searching for the perfect wedding dress to complement that lovely midsection.

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Best Wedding Dress 

For all chic brides flaunting that apple-shaped elegance and a stunning bust, envision your dream wedding gown crafted to perfection at the waist and neckline. Consider STYLE HANNAH 84373, this dress features sophisticated detachable shoulder straps and a plunging V-neckline.

It accentuates your waist flawlessly and elevates your shoulders and décolletage. The pièce de résistance? A gracefully slim A-line skirt that enhances the beauty of one of your most exquisite features: those legs! 

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Couture Cold Shoulder Wedding Gown

Achieving an effortlessly chic look is crucial for accentuating an apple-shaped physique. Opt for a relaxed silhouette that gracefully descends from the bust, sculpting a defined waistline and elongating the lower half.

Elevate the ensemble by incorporating elegant shoulder details, such as the trendy cold-shoulder sleeves featured here, to enhance the upper body and highlight your refined arms. Our top pick for brides with an apple shape is none other than STYLE MORGAN 84435, ensuring you effortlessly embody these style tips!

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Princess Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Embrace the grandeur of a voluminous skirt when it comes to your wedding gown, especially for those with an apple-shaped silhouette. Take, for instance, the dazzling tiered ball gown of STYLE LAUREN 85706 – a strategic choice to harmonize a fuller midsection and prevent any top-heavy appearance.

Opt for a bodice that flatters with shimmery beaded lace, a delicate V-neck opening, and alluring spaghetti straps for a refined look. These details accentuate the bust while maintaining an elegant focus, steering clear of drawing excessive attention to the torso and midsection. Lauren is one of our top picks for wedding dresses, tailored flawlessly for plus-size brides with an apple-shaped figure!

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Flattering Mermaid Wedding Dress

For all you stunning apple-shaped beauties, there's no need to conceal those fabulous curves. Embrace your elegance with the timeless beauty of this mermaid wedding gown. The STYLE FIONA 84407, with its captivating bodice and graceful silhouette, is the epitome of affordable sophistication.

Indulge in the allure of the illusion bodice, like in the STYLE FIONA 84407, delicately cinching your waist while showcasing your back, shoulders, and décolletage. It's a complete package of affordable luxury!

Ready to dive into the world of wedding dress shopping? Whether rocking an apple shape, an athletic build, or a curvy silhouette, it's all about accentuating your favorite features – defining those curves, elongating your frame, and highlighting your bust, arms, and shoulders.

Don't hesitate any longer! These enchanting bridal gown styles offer everything you need to elevate your assets and harmonize your proportions. Visit an Authorized Retailer today to experience these wonders in person!

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